Some Better Questions.


1 What’s your sleep schedule like?
2 Have you ever fallen asleep with someone?
3 What show makes you want to yell, cry, and masturbate all within a season?
4 Who do you know that has thrown up onto someone?
5 Who do you think of most when you listen to music?
6 Who would…


I think you’re cute

cute as in I wanna hear what you sound like while experiencing an orgasm


It is you. It is fucking you. I cannot describe it anymore, it is you. You are the only one that I will ever want. I belong with you. You are my home. I look at you, and somehow I can see 50 years from now on the front porch of some old house in the middle of nowhere and we’re together. I need you. You are the only thing that matters. You are my good.